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Kinako, Roasted Soy Flour, has Great Power for Beauty and Health !


Have you ever heard of 'Kinako'? Kinako is a powder commonly used in Japanese cuisine especially traditional Japanese sweets such as Dango, Mochi and Ohagi. Kinako is produced by finely grinding roasted soybeans into powder. So, Kinako is usually sold as 'roasted soybean flour' in the U.S. Although it is ...

The Most Recommended and Addictive Japanese Foods voted by Foreigners in Japan


Speaking of Japanese food, most people think of sushi at first. Indeed, now, in major cities of the world, we can see a Japanese restaurant like a sushi bar. However, in addition to sushi, there are still many delicious dishes in Japan that are not known abroad. So, I will ...

7 Japanese Green Tea Health Benefits


Do you know that Japanese green tea is a big boom in Silicon Valley where a lot of major IT companies such as  Apple, Google, Facebook are headquartered? Green tea is a tea that has long been popular in Japan. As green tea contain a lot of umami taste, one ...

How to eat the most delicious sausage in the world


What do you think is the most delicious sausage in the world? I definitely think that Japanese sausage is best in the world. The biggest differences from American sausage are juicier and have a crisper skin. What is Schau-Essen? The most famous sausage in Japan is 'Shau-Essen'. Schau-Essen is the ...

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