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7 Japanese Green Tea Health Benefits



Do you know that Japanese green tea is a big boom in Silicon Valley where a lot of major IT companies such as  Apple, Google, Facebook are headquartered?

Green tea is a tea that has long been popular in Japan. As green tea contain a lot of umami taste, one of the five basic tastes, it goes well with diet meal.

Furthermore, green tea contains a lot of very effective ingredients for beauty and health. Recently, these health effectd have been proved scientifically.

This is because Americans concerned about their health begin to drink Japanese green tea.

So, I will introduce the charms of green tea. Let's take advantage of not only its effectiveness but also its very great taste.

Inhibitory effects on cancer growth

Some vitamins contained in green tea suppressed the action of carcinogens. Polyphenols and catechins contained in green tea prevent normal cells in the body becoming cancerous.

Prevent tooth decay

Green tea contains fluorine. Fluorine strengthens teeth or adds resistance which protects against tooth decay.

Besides, green tea contains a component called tannin. Tannin helps prevent tooth decay and erosion.

Increases weight loss

Tea does not have calories. Sugar was contained in the green tea, Arizona, which has been sold in the United States so far. Just by changing this sweet green tea to Japanese green tea, you can sharply cut calories.

Furthermore, tannin contained in green tea makes it difficult to thicken because it enhances the function of the enzyme which decomposes fat.

Effective for making skin beautiful

Vitamin C contained in green tea has the function of keeping the whiteness of the skin and prevents the deposition of melanin pigment.

It also contributes to the generation of collagen which is the source of elasticity of the skin, it prevents spots and freckles. And it contains plenty of carotene which works like vitamin-A essential for skin aging prevention.

Elimination of constipation

Tannins contained in green tea will activate the function of the stomach. In conjunction with that, we will also actively exercise at the intestines, so we can expect constipation resolution. Constipation may also cause skin roughness.

Prevent bad breath

Chlorophyll contained in green tea has a deodorizing effect and catechin has a bactericidal action, so it has a function to eliminate bad breath.

However, this effect seems to be temporary. Let's drink before meeting people.

Effective for hay fever and atopy

Hay fever and allergies are very painful. Green tea has the effect of alleviating these symptoms. This is also the power of green tea catechin.

Catechin has an effective antihistaminic effect for allergic symptoms, cough, asthma.

Summer skin damage is also healed with green tea

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