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How to eat the most delicious sausage in the world



What do you think is the most delicious sausage in the world?

I definitely think that Japanese sausage is best in the world.

The biggest differences from American sausage are juicier and have a crisper skin.

What is Schau-Essen?

The most famous sausage in Japan is 'Shau-Essen'. Schau-Essen is the brand name of the sausage made famous by Nipponham. It have been my favorite since I was a kid. Schau-Essen has been the best seller in Japan since its introduction in 1985.

Up until a few years ago I had been eating this delicious sausage almost every day, I have missed it's taste and snap sound so much.

But the other day, I found Schau-Essen at ShopRite by chance.
I was so happy I did a little dance!

I heard that Nipponham Group started selling their sausages at ShopRite in the United States.

So, if you are bored of the ordinary taste of American sausage, please try this Japanese top selling sausage, Schau-Essen.

How to eat this delicious sausage

Let's show you how to make sausage more delicious.

Do you just bake sausage and eat it?
Unfortunately, you cannot bring out the taste of sausages just by baking.

A little ingenuity makes a completely different taste. Please see my recommended recipe below.

1.  Boil hot water in a pot.


2. When hot water boils, reduce the heat, add sausages and boil for 3 minutes.


3. Take out sausages from hot water.


4. Fry sausages in a frying pan until the surface gets crisp. Oil is not needed.


5. Pick up sausages on dish and it is completed.


Only this. It's very easy, isn't it?
Let's try and taste 'Schau-Essen'!


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