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Kinako, Roasted Soy Flour, has Great Power for Beauty and Health !


Have you ever heard of 'Kinako'?

Kinako is a powder commonly used in Japanese cuisine especially traditional Japanese sweets such as Dango, Mochi and Ohagi.

Kinako is produced by finely grinding roasted soybeans into powder.
So, Kinako is usually sold as 'roasted soybean flour' in the U.S.

Although it is known that soybean contains abundant nutrition, there was a problem that soybean was difficult to digest.
As a result, despite America being the world's largest producer of soybeans, most Americans do not eat soybeans.
Now, in America, soybeans are mainly used for food for livestock.

Kinako can solve this difficulty in digesting soybeans. Because Kinako is roasted in powder form, it is easier to digest.

In recent years, Kinako is especially popular among Japanese women who have high awreness of beauty and health.
They take Kinako powder with milk. This is because that conbination between Kinako and milk is so great for beauty and health.
Of course I drink Kinako milk every day.

Today, I will introduce various effects obtained from Kinako milk and how to make it.

Benefits of Kinako

Skin beauty effect

Isoflavone contained in soybean which is the raw material of Kinako has antioxidant effect and beautiful skin effect. Kinako is said to have the most isoflavones among processed soy products.

Improvement of constipation

It also helps to relieve constipation due to the intestinal effect of soybean oligosaccharide and dietary fiber.

Help fat burning

Saponins in Kinako has an action to boost and speed up metabolism so that you burn more calories.

Bust-up effect

It is said that it has an effect that increases a women's bust size as the action of isoflavones resembles the "estrogen", the female hormone that affects women's shape. There are many reports that actually increased the size of the chest.


Where can I buy Kinako?

You can buy Kinako at Japanese grocery stores or Asian grocery stores. If there is no such supermarket in the vicinity, I recommend you buy from

Be aware though that Kinako is 'roasted soybean flour'. Although unroasted soybean flour is sold on and by other shops. It is not the same as Kinako.

Well, if you roast raw soybean flour by yourself, it becames almost same as Kinako. From experience, the taste is not as good as Kinako.


How to make delicious Kinako milk


  • 3 tablespoons Kinako
  • 7 floz milk
  • 1 tablespoon honey (as you like)


Add one tablespoon of Kinako to milk and mix well.
It is recommended to add honey to make it easier to drink.

If you don't like milk, it is delicious to eat it with yoghurt or ice cream. (If you wish you can use soy milk.)


Points to remember when drinking Kinako Milk

Do not drink too much

Since isoflavone is known to have an effect similar to estrogen, it is possible to accumulate more fat. So do not over indulge. Let's keep it one a day.

Do not forget calories

Kinako itself is low calorie (about 20 kcal with 7 g), but milk has more calories (200 ml with about 130 kcal).

By the way, low-fat milk is about 90 kcal per 200 ml, about 200 kcal in skim milk is about 60 kcal. Choose skim milk if you are concerned about calories.

Do not drink during pregnancy

It is said that soy isoflavone works similar to female hormones. Then, it is not desirable to add it to supplements etc. by adding it to everyday eating habits during pregnancy.


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