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Are supplements bad for your health? Are there side effects?



Unlike medicines, you can easily buy supplements at a convenience store without going to a hospital or pharmacy because supplements are not subject to regulations such as the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

As a result, a lot of young women tend to rely on supplements as soon as they feel something is troubling their skin or hair.

Indeed, supplements do not exert a strong effect like medicine. But taking supplements blindly may be dangerous.

Excessive intake of supplements causes an unexpected accident!

Clinical trials of elderly people in the United States and Europe, from 1966 to 2004, showed that supplements may have a role to play in mortality rates. In the case of taking vitamin E 267 mg a day, the mortality rate was 10% higher than people who didn't take vitamin E.

However, it is not medically proved that too much vitamin E causes death. Either way, it is certain that taking too much od a supplement may have a bad influence. For example, too much Vitamin C may cause diarrhea.

Things to be careful of when taking supplements

Do not take supplements as an alternative of meal. It is important to take only supplements which lacking in your diet.

It is very important to know what what your diet is lacking prior to taking supplements.



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